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The staff at Charles River Running is committed to helping you find the perfect pair of shoes.  With so many models from so many great brands, it is our mission to help you to narrow down what shoe will be the best for your particular foot type, bio mechanics, and fitness goals.  We do this first, by asking you a lot of questions about your training, goals, previous injuries and what you are looking for specifically in a shoe. Then we will measure both feet and watch you walk around the store in your socks. Next we will take a long look at your current running shoes–so please bring them with you to your fitting. Based on the wear patterns we see, we will be able to place you in either the neutral or stability category of shoe. After all of this information is gathered, we will start bringing out shoes for you to try. We encourage our customers to try various pairs on the store treadmill before choosing their shoes. No appointments are necessary and allow yourself at least 20 minutes for the process.